The run your dog wants.

The run your
dog wants.


Ruff Runners Dog Running Service in ATLANTA, GA

Sure, your dog likes a walk. But your dog will LOVE a run.

Wait. Is dog running a thing? You bet!

For years, folks have paid dog walkers to take their beloved pet out for a stroll. And that’s great! But, did you know that for most dogs, a walk doesn’t offer much exercise? Good mental stimulation? Yes. Exercise? Not so much.

At Ruff Runners, we know that dogs need exercise to function at their best--mentally, physically, and emotionally. And we’re ready to give your dog the run they want.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring a dog walker, we humbly suggest you try a dog runner instead. Why? Because your pup will get the fun-loving human interaction they crave, and they’ll burn off a healthy amount of excess energy. A well-socialized, well-exercised dog is a happy dog. And that’ll make you a happier dog owner.



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they enjoy.


How Do I Get My Dog Running?

Step 1: Sign up for a Ruff Runners FREE Trial Run.

We’ll show up to your house, leash in hand. We’ll meet & greet with your pup. Then, assuming your dog is all for it, we’ll take them out on a one-mile run. (We just want to make sure that running is a good fit for your dog--and that they can handle running on a leash!)

Step 2: Book Your First Run!

  • Regular Run ($34): This 30 minute excursion is a good dose of run fun! We’ll give your dog time to settle in and warm up, then we’ll let your pup set the pace. We never push dogs too hard. We watch for your dog’s cues and tailor the run accordingly. They’ll be happy--and tired--when they come home!

  • Long Run ($45): This 45 minute run is for those super-energetic, mischievous types. You know, the ones who never seem to slow down--and never want you to rest, either. Don’t worry. Dog running is the answer you’ve been looking for. We’ll leave you with a healthier, happier pup that’s ready for a nice long snooze.

Step 3: Get on Ruff Runners’ Regular Schedule!

We offer a 10% discount for clients who book on a weekly or bimonthly basis. Both dog walking and dog running are good for mental stimulation. But, for many dogs, dog running beats dog walking hands down for health benefits. Even if you have a regular dog walker, your dog’s health will benefit from working in a weekly or bimonthly run with Ruff Runners.

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Let’s get going…


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Ruff Runners

Meet our crew! Our runners are dog-loving athletes that are trained to keep your pup safe while giving them the run they want.

Meet our crew!
Our runners are dog-loving athletes that are trained to keep your pup safe while giving them the run they want.